Veal Blanket (Blanquette de veau)


As the fall is providing its beautiful landscapes, offering amazing color palettes wherever you walk, drive, hike… The fall is also a little cold-ish, wet-ish and soon enough we are looking for comfort with warm flavorful dishes to share with familiar faces.

Here is my mum signature dish: the veal blanket. It has such name because this dish, is a white stew. The pieces of top-quality veal are presented in a creamy white sauce that has a little dash of lemon.

Since I developed my practice of this recipe, and following my husband’s refined taste, I have added a few carrots and mushrooms to the sauce. We usually serve this with basmati rice. We love the velvety taste of the sauce mixed with the rice… It works well too with linguini pasta, or boiled potatoes. Best to serve it with either a light pinot noir (chose a wine that claims the grapes were grown on the top of a hill, so it will not be too overwhelming), or a chablis (some chablis from Burgundy are exquisite… but we get into a pricey area).

Another variation, if you don’t have the budget to afford top veal meat is to practice the recipe using chicken. Just use boneless and skinless pieces of chicken, and cut them in stew size (1 square inch). Then follow the steps of the recipe, simply swapping the veal with the chicken. I made it, and it works.


  • Prep time: 20 minutes
  • Cooking time: 30 minutes, + 2 hours of simmering.
  • Serves 3 – 4

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