Céleri rémoulade (remoulade style celeriac root) a health-benefits packed winter salad.


This vegetable does look ugly and smells strong, but I love this recipe. In fact, if I wasn’t too lazy to wash my electric grater, I would have it more often. This dish is super easy, super fast and super healthy. For once, I am offering a recipe that I have modified from the original. Basically, if you want the authentic remoulade recipe, just put mayonnaise instead of the sauce I am offering below, et voilà. A perfect post holiday vitamin packed dinner meal. You may chose to serve it with a couple of hardboiled eggs or a few slices of turkey ham, to get a bit more protein.

If you are more on the gourmet side, I encourage you to have a few slices of San Daniele ham, and a piece of country bread with butter… just saying… Read the rest of this entry »