About Daphné

IMG_3402Bienvenue (Welcome) to Daphné’s French Touch, a blog devoted to make French cuisine accessible to everyone, and also a place to share tips about French lifestyle, creative cooking ideas, and to report on my journey as a gourmet food entrepreneur.

I am Daphné, a French expat living in Massachusetts since 2010. When I moved to the US, I couldn’t help but notice how French culture: food, fashion, art was similarly perceived as attractive and intimidating. I was raised in France knowing little else than cooking from scratch and drinking Bordeaux wine, and followed a wonderful and global career in performing art, food and wine industry, and product marketing. It was only natural I would blend everything together at some point in my life. Through these pages, I am breaking down some of the most traditional (and yummy) recipes into simple steps and manageable techniques. I adapt authentic family recipes with available ingredients, while aiming to keep things genuine and healthy. While cooking from scratch is my line of work, I regularly make suggestions to ease some steps allowing you to save time, or engage your children in the kitchen.

I am not pretending to be a chef, I am like you: I want it all. I admire Julia Child’s immense contribution to introduce home-made French cuisine in the USA in the 50’s, when it was common for women to be homeworkers, and for men to stay away from the kitchen. Today, most women work, most men want to step in the kitchen. My mission is therefore to provide easy, authentic, and tasty French cuisine recipes enabling you to create a genuine French family dinner experience on your dinner table.

My secret dream is for you reader, to be able to one day, say with full confidence in a French restaurant: “That Beef Bourguignon was definitely not as flavoured as mine”. Period.

Merci, à bientôt!

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