Daikon radish???

Daikon radish??? Daikon and mushroomhot pot2 Daikon and mushroomhot pot1

What’s for dinner? an everything hot pot… I have these 2 Daikon radishes in the fridge, since I receive the wonderful weekly delivery from Boston Organics, so I got creative, inspired by the end of the fall season and needing a warm and comforting (yet healthy) stew like dinner. I sliced some Canadian bacon and cut some white mushroom in bite size pieces in my pot (no fat, the bacon does the job). Once things get brownish, I added the radishes finely sliced, 1 and 1/2 cup of vegetable stew, 1/2 cup of pearl onions and 1/2 cup of peas (left-over from the freezer). Thyme and Rosemary, et voilà. It is simmering for about 30 minutes, and I hope it will work out.

What are your inspirations for the Daikon?

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